Game Screenshots, the funny ones and the pretty too

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5 gamer jokes:

Why couldn’t the PC gamer stop crying?
He refused to be consoled.

What problem can both gamers and popular musicians relate to?
The fans are too noisy.

I met a very famous asian gamer today.
His name was Lo Ping.

What does a gamer and a burn victim both say
I can’t wait to try out my new skin

A gamer dies and goes to hell…
After one week, the devil goes to God:

-God?! What crazy person have you send me here? He destroyed all the cauldrons, killed all demons, running like crazy everywhere and yelling: “Where is the exit to LEVEL 2!!!”

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Pure finger puns material

Eternam / Developer: Infogrames, Publisher: Infogrames

Some extra finger puns:

As I sat there winding my hair through my fingers, I thought to myself
“I really need to shave my ass”

The most reliable part of your body are the fingers
You can always count on them

I love running my fingers through my wife’s hair.
It’s a nice way to remind her that I love her, and also that we’re out of napkins